TEX TUNISIA (Summer Version)

Hasan al-Omar
November 7, 2023

We are thrilled to meet our Tunisian students again this summer, following the successful organization of one of the best Turkish university fairs ever held in the country. By the time you graduate from high school, you will be well-prepared to explore the best enrollment options.

Sousse Location: Sousse Palace Hotel
Date: July 6, 2024

Capital Location: Africa Hotel
Date: July 8, 2024

Tunisia Summer Version Importance:
Tunisia's summer version of the fair, with locations in Sousse and the capital Tunis, offers Tunisian students a unique opportunity to interact directly with Turkish universities. This two-part event covers a broad range of options to help students make informed decisions about their academic futures. Tunisia's historical and cultural ties with Turkey create an environment of mutual understanding and collaboration.

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