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3,000+ programs

We help you find and choose the university program that's right for you.

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We simplify the application process so that you don’t have to worry.

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Success Guaranteed

We work with you to ensure you'll be accepted to study the program of your choice.

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Marifet Education Group is an exclusive agent for international students to top universities in Turkey. We work with you to ensure you'll be accepted to study at your choice from a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, master, and doctoral degrees. Make your dream a reality and start your journey today!

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We offer a selection of more than 3,000 programs at over 50 different universities – so you're sure to find the right program that suits your interests and goals

Applying made easy

Apply to as many public or private universities as you wish through our one simple application

Get registered fast

We handle all the paperwork from registration to student visas to arrival in Turkiye. We'll even arrange for pickup from the airport!

Apply to any unversity

Marifet is with you every step of the way.

Free consultation about study options in Turkiye

Marifet Group provides consultations for students wishing to inquire about the branch they want to enter and inform them of the best universities where this branch is located.

Success guaranteed

We guarantee university admission and register student registration in the best private Turkish universities. We help you for free in obtaining your university admission in many internationally accredited Turkish universities, you just have to send the necessary papers and we will take care of the rest of the task.

Private Universities

We can walk you through procedures to apply for acceptance at public universities and get registered with help in any necessary documents, certifications or translations.

Scholarship Assistance

We can help you find and secure institutional scholarships, grants, and awards.

Student visas and residency in Turkiye

We help our students to obtain student residency, in addition to helping them secure suitable student or university housing.

Help with legal procedures in Turkiye

Marifet Group facilitates all legal matters for their students upon their arrival to Turkiye, such as the translation of the necessary documents for registration, academic certificates, attestation processes (notes), and other legal transactions that the student may need.

Entrance exams in Turkish universities

Marifet Group provides the best educational centers that have the information and skills necessary to pass entrance exams for universities that require obtaining a YÖS, TOEFL, or IELTS certificate.

Arrive hassle-free

We receive our dear students from the moment they arrive at one of the Turkish airports and deliver them to the hotel or their chosen place of residence.

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Marifet is different

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